How do I activate local encryption in SecureSafe on iOS?

Apple released the innovative M1 chip architecture in November 2020, leading to limitations for apps that rely on virtualization. As a result, the SecureSafe DesktopApp cannot function properly in this environment. When encryption is activated, the SecureSafe DesktopApp utilizes a virtual file system. Another software that operates on a virtual file system is Parallels Desktop.

To address this issue, SecureSafe utilizes FUSE, a system extension created by Benjamin Fleischer. In macOS 11.2.x, there is a bug that hinders the execution of third-party kernel extensions like FUSE. Benjamin Fleischer, the developer of FUSE, has indicated that this issue will be resolved in future updates. If you are using an M1 Mac and encounter this problem, there is a workaround available. By following the instructions provided, you can continue to use your preferred applications on an M1 Mac seamlessly.