Why are there elements in my SecureSafe folders that are not synced?

If files or folders are not synced, this might be due to the use of an incompatible character in the files or folder name(s). Look for any of the following special characters in the file or folder names and rename them if found:

  • / (forward slash)

  • \ (backslash)

  • < (less than)

  • > (greater than)

  • : (colon)

  • " (double quote)

  • | (vertical bar or pipe)

  • ? (question mark)

  • * (asterisk)

  • Dot at the end of the file name (.)

Furthermore, please be aware that the SecureSafe Client ignores certain file types, which means they will not be synchronized to your SecureSafe:

  • Name starts or ends with space or tab
  • Empty files (with size 0 bytes)
  • File and folder names with more than 128 characters
  • desktop.ini
  • thumbs.db
  • .ds_store
  • .thumbnails
  • Temporary Items
  • .trashes
  • .Document Revision-V100
  • .fseventd
  • .apdisk
  • .svn
  • .htaccess
  • .securesafe.*
  • .*conflicted copy.

Please note: If you exceed the storage limit for your SecureSafe, any files you add to your local SecureSafe folder afterward will not be backed up to your safe.