Install SecureSafe Applications: Access Your Passwords Anywhere, Anytime, and from any Device

Follow our instructions guide to install SecureSafe applications on web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop computers. Enhance your data security.

SecureSafe is accessible through dedicated applications for a large range of devices, such as your computer, smartphone, or tablet. These applications must be individually downloaded and installed on your preferred device(s). The instructions on this page will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully install SecureSafe applications:

Web Application Browser

No installation is required for the web application and it can be used on any web-enabled device with a web browser.

Install SecureSafe Browser Extension

For an even easier access to your SecureSafe from within your browser, install our SecureSafe browser extension, following the steps below.

  1. Using the device on which you want to install the browser extension, open your web browser.

  2. Click on the correct link for your browser:

  3. Click the relevant button to add the SecureSafe extension.
    In the example given (Google Chrome), click Add to Chrome.

    DSwiss offers browser extensions for SecureSafe for Chrome but also Mozilla Firefox, Brave, and others.

  4. When the prompt appears to explain what you are permitting SecureSafe to do, click Add extension to proceed.

    Follow each extension store’s instructions to add the SecureSafe password and file manager.

  5. Ensure that the success popup window displays.

    Make sure that the SecureSafe Extension is installed properly. It is recommended to pin your Extension for easy access.
  6. Optionally, activate or edit your system's keyboard shortcut for the extension. 

  7. Click Turn on sync to add the extension to all devices that share your browser account.

  8. If you are not already signed in to your browser account, you will be prompted to log in. After successfully logging in, the extension is added to your browser account across all devices.

Install SecureSafe Mobile Application

To have your SecureSafe at the tips of your fingers, anywhere and anytime, install our SecureSafe mobile application to your smartphone.

  1. Using the phone on which you want to install the application, there are two options to start installing the SecureSafe application for mobile:
    1. Either, use one of the following links that matches your device:

      Install the SecureSafe app on the Google Play Store. You can find all useful links on
      Install the SecureSafe app on the Apple App Store. You can find all useful links on

    2. Or, navigate to your phone's Play Store / App Store and search for SecureSafe.

  2. Once you have found the SecureSafe Password Manager by DSwiss, click Install

    You can install the SecureSafe app easily like all your other apps and find all useful links on

  3. You can now log in to use the SecureSafe mobile application. For additional information, please refer to Logging in to SecureSafe. If you have not created a SecureSafe account yet, refer to Creating a SecureSafe Account for more information on how to register for an account.

Install SecureSafe Desktop Application

To access your SecureSafe quickly and easily from your desktop, we recommend you install our SecureSafe desktop application, following the steps below. Please note, the example given in this instruction set is referring to macOS, however, the process is almost identical for Windows operating systems.

The language selection for the SecureSafe desktop application is reliant on the operating system language selection. To change the language used in the desktop application, uninstall the desktop application, change the operating system language, and then reinstall the SecureSafe desktop application.

  1. Using the computer on which you want to install the desktop application, open your web browser.

  2. To download the desktop application, click on the correct link for your computer's operating system:

    Download the SecureSafe application for Windows directly on
    Download the SecureSafe application for macOS directly on

  3. Once the download is complete, navigate to your system's Downloads folder.

    The SecureSafe file will be located on your computer just like any other downloaded file from the internet.
  4. Click the SecureSafe installer package. In the macOS example given, the package is named securesafe-2.20.2.pkg.

  5. Complete the installation wizard process:

    1. After reading the installer introduction text, select Continue to proceed with the installation.

      Install SecureSafe thanks to the installation wizard.Process

    2. On the Software License Agreement (SLA), you can Print or Save the SLA text, before selecting Continue to proceed.

      You should read through our Software License Agreement before installing. DSwiss is committed to transparency with its solution, SecureSafe.
    3. Click Agree to continue or click Disagree to cancel the installation and quit the installation wizard.

      You will be promted to agree to the DSwiss SLA in order to install SecureSafe.
    4. After reviewing the installation package, click Continue.

      Review all the files that will be installed on your computer to run SecureSafe. It is recommended to leave the selection as it is.
    5. Optionally, you can choose the location of the download by clicking Change Install Location. Then click Install.

      You can freely chose where to install the SecureSafe application on you computer.
    6. When your operating system prompts you to authenticate, type your system administrator's Username and Password and click Install Software. Note that some operating system prompts may be different to the example given.

      Make sure to have the  authorisation to install SecureSafe. Eventually you need to execute the installation as administrator.
    7. Click OK when prompted to grant the installer access to your Downloads folder. 

      Allow the installer to access your computer to install SecureSafe.
    8. When the installation success message appears, click Close to exit the installation wizard.

      The SecureSafe Installation should not take too much time.
    9. Now that the installation is complete, we highly recommend that you restart your computer.

    10. After restarting your computer, check that the SecureSafe desktop application is available. On macOS, the application shortcut should be in your applications tray at the bottom of your screen. Should this not be the case, then please search your operating system's Applications folder.

      The SecureSafe application logo is a white stylised S which forms a shield.
    11. You can now log in to use the SecureSafe desktop application. For further information on logging into your account, please refer to Logging in to SecureSafe.