Activation and Configuration: Getting Started with Mail-In

This guide will provide a step-by-step description on how to configure the Mail-In feature in your SecureSafe.

Mail-In is an email inbox integrated into your SecureSafe account. This enables external service providers or people to send emails to your SecureSafe email address. The email content and all attachments are saved directly into your private safe. 

Please note: The Mail-In feature is currently only available for Private Safes, but not for Team Safes.

To activate Mail-In and locate your personal SecureSafe email address, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.

  2. Using the indicated dropdown menu, select your Private Safe

    The "Settings" window under "Mail-In" allows you to view and adjust the configurations of the Mail-In feature in your SecureSafe.
  3. From the menu in the left sidebar, select Mail-In.
  4. Within the Inbox panel, which is then displayed, click on Settings.
  5. The Mail-In email address field includes the specific email address required to utilize the Mail-In feature. Any emails and attachments sent to this address will be automatically saved to your private safe.

  6. To enable the Mail-In feature, simply toggle the switch to the position shown above. Once successfully done, the toggle will show a check mark.

  7. Choose how often you want to receive email updates regarding your SecureSafe's Mail-In activity by selecting an option from the notification frequency dropdown. You can choose from the following options: Never, Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  8. Verify that the email address listed in the Email address field is accurate.

  9. If your email address needs to be updated, simply click on the Edit button to make changes to your default contact information. For further details, refer to our article on contact settings for guidance.