How to Organize Your Stored Passwords: Add and Assign Password Categories

Learn how to create new password categories and how to assign them to passwords you have stored in your SecureSafe.

The concept of categories refers to the ability to organize stored passwords into different groups based on a common theme or purpose. Categories may be used to organize and manage your passwords for different accounts or for different purposes, making it easier for you to find and update specific login credentials. By categorizing passwords, you can maintain a more structured and organized digital safe, which can be particularly useful when dealing with a large volume of passwords. 

To add a new category, or assign a password to a category, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.

  2. From the menu in the left sidebar, select Passwords.
    Select the password that you wish to assign to a category, or to create a new category for.
  3. From the list of passwords displayed in the main window, select the password that you wish to either assign to a category, or to create a new category for.

  4. From the collapsible sidebar on the right, select the edit icon Click the edit icon from the collapsible sidebar on the right to access the "Edit Password" window.

  5. In the Edit password window that displays, scroll to the categories section.Select an existing password category or add a new one through the "Edit password" window.
  6. If a suitable existing category exists, select that category to add your password to it.

  7. If no suitable category exists, add a new password category by clicking the Add category button.
    1. In the then displayed Add category window, type a suitable category name into the Name field. This name should reflect the type of password that you intend to store in that category. 
      When adding a new password category, ensure that the category name reflects the type of password you intend to store in it.
    2. Confirm by clicking on Create category.
  8. To end the assigning process, confirm by clicking on Done.