Prerequisites to Install SecureSafe

What to consider before getting started with SecureSafe: Easily install SecureSafe. Choose the right product, review prices, and check system compatibility for a smooth setup process on your devices.

Before proceeding to install SecureSafe, ensure that all the following prerequisites and assumptions are addressed and/or understood.

  • Choose the correct product offering based on your needs, number of expected users, and amount of passwords and/or files. To help you choose the correct product offering, refer to prices and features for Single Users and for Business Users.

  • Ensure that your system has a supported version installed. Refer to the following table:

System Support Versions
Browsers supporting SecureSafe
  • Chrome: Version 111, 112

  • Safari: Version 15, 16

  • Firefox: Version 110, 111

  • Edge: Version 110, 111

Browser versions supporting the SecureSafe extension
  • Chrome: Version 111, 112

  • Firefox: Version 110, 111

  • Edge: Version 110, 111

Mobile OS versions (Android and Apple) supporting the SecureSafe app
  • Android: Version 11, 12, 13

  • iOS: Version 15, 16

Computer OS versions supporting the SecureSafe desktop application
  • Windows: 10, 11

  • macOS: 13 Ventura, 14 Sonoma