Enhancing Secure Collaboration: How to Send Files Securely

Learn how to take your content collaboration to the next (security) level through SecureSafe's SecureSend feature.

The SecureSafe platform provides the ability to securely collaborate. Users are able to share files or passwords with other trusted individuals or team members. Content collaboration is enhanced by SecureSafe's SecureSend feature, available to all users with a Silver subscription or higher, which enables users to share a file securely to someone who is not currently an account user. This enables the recipient to view or download the file.

Follow the steps described below to securely send files to an email contact – with or without a secure access code, and with or without an access time limit.

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.
  2. From the menu in the left sidebar, select Files.

    Locate and select the file you wish to share from the list of files in the main window, then select "Send Securely" from the dropdown menu of the available options.
  3. Locate and select the file you wish to share from the list of files in the main window. Optionally, if you wish to import multiple files, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) key and use your cursor to select additional files.
  4. Next, either right-click a selected file, or click on the Ellipsis Icon icon within the collapisble sidebar on the right to display a dropdown menu of the available options. From either dropdown menu, select Send securely.
  5. In the form that is then displayed, complete all fields accordingly:
    1. Add your name to the Your name field. This is the name that will be displayed to the recipient.

      Specify information on the recipient, add a personalized message, select if you want to proceed with or without a security code and define a validity period in the SecureSend window.
    2. Populate the field labelled with Recipient's email address with the email address of the person you wish to send the selected file(s) to.
    3. The Message field allows you to add a personalized explanatory message to the recipient.
    4. In the Security code field, please make a selection from one of the following options:
      1. None: The recipient can view the file(s) without the need for a security access code. No code is provided.
      2. Send code via SMS: To further enhance the security of the file sharing process, a security access code is sent to the recipient via SMS, whose number will need to be provided in the following step.
      3. Display code in the next step: To further enhance the security of the file sharing process, a security access code is provided in the next step, which the file owner can then provide directly to the file recipient.
    5. If you selected Send code via SMS in the previous step, you are asked to now provide the mobile phone number of the recipient.
    6. Using the dropdown menu in the Language field, please select the language of the file recipient.
    7. Using the dropdown menu in the Validity field, select a period of validity within which the recipient can access your file. This time limit can be set to 10 minutes, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, or Unlimited.
    8. From the dropdown menu in the Notification field, select either None or Email.
    9. To finalize the file transfer, click on Send file via SecureSend.