Account Settings: Reviewing or Deleting your SecureSafe Account

Learn where to review the key information on your SecureSafe account and how to permanently delete your account.

This article provides you with information on where to review your account information. Should you wish to permanently delete your SecureSafe account, the steps to take in this context are also described here. Please note: Deleting your account irreversibly deletes all files and passwords saved to your account.

To review or delete your SecureSafe account, perform the following steps:

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the SecureSafe web application, click the dropdown icon beside your account user name.
  2. From the drop-down menu displayed, click Settings to display the SecureSafe settings window.
  3. From the tabs displayed on the left of the Settings window, select Account.

    The "Account" tab in the settings allows you to review your account information and to permanently delete your SecureSafe account.
  4. This tab allows you to review your account details:
    • Account type: This is your account subscription type. 

    • Storage space: This displays you how much remaining storage space that you have available out of your subscription allowance.

    • Passwords: This displays how many passwords you have saved out of the maximum amount for your subscription allowance.

    • Sent from your Private Safe: This details how many files have been shared from your private safe, with a breakdown of which are currently active and which are expired. An active file in this context, is one that is actively shared and able to be accessed by the recipient. An expired file is one that has been shared, but the permission's expiry date associated with the share is now in the past, meaning that the recipient no longer has access to the file.

    • Expiry date: This field displays the end date of your current SecureSafe subscription. 

    • Authentication method: This displays whether you have added two-factor authentication, or are currently just authenticating with a username and password.

  5. Optionally, you may choose to delete your account. Please note: This irreversibly deletes all files and passwords saved to your account and closes your account permanently. Click Delete Account to proceed.

  6. Type your account password into the Password field.

    Please note that deleting your SecureSafe account is permanent. All files and passwords will be irreversibly deleted.
  7. After making sure that you are sure that you wish to delete your entire account, click Delete Account to proceed. There is no going back after this action.

  8. A success banner message will briefly display before your account is permanently deleted. Following deletion, the SecureSafe login page displays.