Data Inheritance: Guidance for Activators and Beneficiaries

This article aims to assist both activators and beneficiaries throughout the data inheritance process. It includes details on how to activate a data inheritance code and provides a guide on accessing inherited data as a beneficiary.

What Is Data Inheritance?

Data inheritance is crucial in our digital age as we accumulate a complex digital legacy through various online platforms. SecureSafe offers a feature for loved ones to manage important digital documents and login data of a deceased family member, allowing access to profiles, financial data, and important documents:

  • Delete or deactivate profiles of the departed from social media or other accounts.

  • Use the saved passwords to access financial data, such as banking accounts, or share accounts.

  • Access important documents such as contracts, share certificates, or guarantees.

For more information about Data Inheritance, refer to our article on the topic.

Two Roles: Activator vs. Beneficiary

When setting up data inheritance, it's important to define two key roles: the activator and the beneficiary. While these roles are often held by the same individual, there are cases where they may differ.

  • ActivatorThis individual is designated by the SecureSafe account owner to hold an activation code and ultimately initiate the data inheritance process by utilizing that same activation code.
  • BeneficiaryThis individual inherits the files and passwords assigned to them by the SecureSafe account owner.

Activating a Data Inheritance Code

The individual who receives the activation code from a SecureSafe account owner is called the Activator. If the account owner passes away or is unable to access their account, the Activator can use the activation code to initiate the probate process. To activate an activation code, follow these steps:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to:

  2. Select your preferred language.

    Make sure to accurately input this activation code into the corresponding fields provided.

  3. The activation code provided is divided into six parts. Make sure to accurately input this activation code into the corresponding fields provided.

  4. Click on Activate data inheritance process to proceed.

  5. Confirm that the message indicating a successful activation of the data inheritance process is shown on the screen.

    Upon activating a data inheritance code, a message indicating a successful activation will be shown on the screen.

  6. Beneficiaries will receive notifications through their contact information records, typically via email and SMS on their mobile phones.

  7. Upon using the activation code, a security waiting period, known as the blocking period, begins. The duration of this period is determined by the account owner's settings in SecureSafe. During this time, the files and passwords designated for inheritance are not immediately transferred to the beneficiaries. This waiting period allows the account holder, if available, to intervene and halt the inheritance process (e.g. in cases where the code was activated by error).

Accessing Inherited Data: A Guide for Beneficiaries

As a beneficiary, the process is straightforward. You will be notified via email once the activator has initiated the activation code. This email will contain details about the blocking period that needs to occur before you can access any data.

The subsequent email you receive will include a link for you to access the personal data designated to you by the SecureSafe owner. This email will also provide information on the duration of time you will have access to the data.