Data Inheritance: How It Works and Why It Matters

This article guides you through the process tied to SecureSafe's data inheritance feature and provides insight into why digital inheritance is more important than ever.

What Is Data Inheritance?

In today’s world, we use social media, emails, blogs and other cloud solutions on a daily basis. Whether consciously or unconsciously, over the years, we are building up a complex digital legacy through our use of various digital services. For this reason, SecureSafe offers a special feature, which helps loved ones put the digital ghost of a deceased family member to rest, whilst gaining access to important documents and passwords. This feature is called Data Inheritance.

Data inheritance allows grieving loved ones to handle crucial digital documents and login information that belonged to the deceased individual. This feature enables access to important data, facilitating the management of social media profiles and other accounts by either deleting or deactivating them when necessary.

How Does the Data Inheritance Process Work?

The flowchart below provides an overview over the prerequisites for and the configuration of the data inheritance feature, as well as over the process that is set in motion once the data inheritance activation code is activated.

Data Inheritance through SecureSafe