CSV-Export: How to Export Passwords from SecureSafe

Learn how to export passwords from SecureSafe in a CSV format, and what security risks to keep in mind when doing so.

Please keep in mind that if not executed with care, exporting passwords could introduce security risks that could compromise user data. Follow the procedures listed in this guide to help ensure the security of your sensitive information. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your exported passwords file.


SecureSafe offers the functionality to export passwords in a standardized format for added convenience and ease of use. Please follow the steps below to export the password records from your SecureSafe account:

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.
  2. From the menu in the left sidebar, select Passwords.

    From the "Export passwords" window you can select what type of separator you wish to be used for your CSV export file.
  3. From the collapsible Overview sidebar on the right, select Export.
  4. Select the type of separator that you wish to be used. A separator is the character that separates fields in your CSV file.

  5. To start the export process, confirm by clicking on Export.
  6. From your operating system's file explorer, please proceed to navigate to your device's Download folder.
  7. Navigate to your exported file. Your file will be saved with a filename similar to this: Password_Export_2023-12-15_14-45-45.csv
    The exported file will be formatted as follows:
    The CSV export file of your passwords will contain the following information: title of the password record, username, password, URL and any added comments.

Considering the sensitive information contained in your exported file, please consider the security and protection of your data:

  • If you are using your exported passwords file right away, we highly recommend to promptly delete the file after utilization. This proactive measure plays a critical role in safeguarding the security of your sensitive information.

  • If you plan on using this exported file as a backup, it is crucial to carefully control who has access to the file.