Log in to SecureSafe: How to Access your Passwords and Files

Learn how to log in to SecureSafe effortlessly on any web browser, mobile device, and using biometrics. Follow our instructions for a secure login.

This article covers the following two ways on how to log in to your SecureSafe account: 

Log in to SecureSafe on a Web Browser

To log in to your SecureSafe on a web browser, perform the following actions:

  1. Visit the SecureSafe website.

  2. Press the Login button.

    On the top of SecureSafe.com you can log into your account on any web browser. Simply click the “Login“ button.

  3. Next, a login window will pop up. Type in your Username into the corresponding field

    The login window pop-up will ask you for your login credentials. You can click “Remember username“ for added convenience.
  4. Type your password into the Password field. 

  5. For a quicker login next time, place a check mark in the Remember username checkbox. This way, you will only have to type in your password to access your SecureSafe account in the future. 
  6. Click Login.

If you cannot remember your password, click Password lost.

Log in to SecureSafe Mobile Application

  1. First, ensure that you have already installed the SecureSafe phone application on your mobile device. If you encounter any difficulties in doing so, please refer to our article on Installing SecureSafe Applications.

  2. Once you have installed the SecureSafe application, find the application on your phone.
    1. If you have trouble finding the application on your phone, navigate to your applications store, find the SecureSafe application, and click Open.

      You can find the SecureSafe app easily in your app store on your mobile device.
    2. Alternatively, click the SecureSafe application shortcut on your phone.

      You can also find the SecureSafe app easily on your mobile device.
  3. When the application opens, click Login to log in to your SecureSafe account. If you do not already have a SecureSafe account, click Create account.

    reate or login into your existing account directly in the SecureSafe app.
  4. Next, log in to your SecureSafe account:
    1. Type your account user name into the Username field.

      Provide all login credentials to safely login into your SecureSafe account on your mobile device.
    2. Type your account password into the Password field.

    3. Confirm by clicking on Login.

  5. When logging in to the application for the first time, you may be prompted to take note of your SecureSafe account recovery code. If you have already completed setting up your SecureSafe account and saving your recovery code on your device, you can choose from Remind me later or Don't remind me again. Otherwise, click Display recovery code and take note of the code for future use. You can find further information on the recovery code in our article on creating a SecureSafe account.

    It is important to save your SecureSafe Account recovery codes. You can ask to be reminded later.
  6. The SecureSafe mobile application home screen now displays. From here, you can access your files and passwords. 

    Access all your passwords and files once you’ve logged in right from your mobile device.

Log in on Mobile Using Biometrics

When accessing your SecureSafe on mobile, you can also use biometrics to log in. Simply perform the following actions, noting that the example given is for fingerprint recognition: 

  1. On your mobile device, firstly ensure that biometrics are enabled and configured by navigating to Settings > Security & Privacy > Biometrics > Fingerprints. Note that this is just an example navigation path. The Settings menu structure may be difference on the many mobile devices available.

  2. When the screen lock displays, use your current screen unlock method (likely a password or PIN).

  3. If you already have a fingerprint registered on your device, move directly to Step 4. Otherwise, Register your fingerprint on your device, following the onscreen prompts.

    You can use the biometric identification methods available on your mobile device and activate them in the SecureSafe app.

  4. Tap the Fingerprint unlock switch to activate the feature. 

    Fingerprint unlock is a popular and supported biometric login method supported by the SecureSafe app.
  5. On your mobile device, open the SecureSafe application and navigate to Settings > Security > Login.

  6. In the Login settings, tap the Biometric login switch to activate the feature for the SecureSafe application.

    To use the biometric fingerprint login activate the feature in your SecureSafe app.

  7. Log out of SecureSafe and try logging back in again using your fingerprint.