Mail-In Interface: Functionalities and Features

Discover what different actions and options are available within the Mail-In interface and how to access them.

Mail-In is an email inbox integrated into your SecureSafe account. This enables external service providers or people to send emails to your SecureSafe email address. The email content and all attachments are saved directly into your private safe. 

Please note: The Mail-In feature is currently only available for Private Safes, but not for Team Safes.

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.

  2. Using the indicated dropdown menu, select your Private Safe

    The Mail-In tab not only allows you to monitor your Mail-In inbox. It also gives you access to the following actions: Open folders, display, download or print files, mark files as unread, move, copy or delete files, and send files securely through SecureSend.
  3. From the menu in the sidebar on the left, select Mail-In.
  4. You can opt to utilize the Inbox filter, which helps to refine the list of items visible in the following step for easier access and organization.

  5. Select a file from the list of files displayed in the main window.
  6. The right sidebar will display a preview of your file, allowing you to see its content without the need to open each individual file. In addition to the options available in the preview sidebar, you can also access actions at the top of the right sidebar. You can also right-click on each file to access the same options and actions available in the sidebar. Below is an overview of the various options and actions that you can take for each file.



Open folder To open the folder that contains the original email and each associated attachment, select Open folder.
Display To open your file on a page of its own, select Display.
Download Select Download or click on the download icon in the sidebar on the right to download your file to your operating system's download folder.
Print Select Print or click on the print icon in the sidebar to print out your selected file.
Mark as unread Choose Mark as unread to mark the file as unread in the file structure. A red dot will now appear to the left of the file listing, indicating the file as unread.

A red dot will appear next to files that are marked as unread.
Copy to...

To copy the selected file, select Copy to... . This opens a window, giving you the option to either select an existing folder or create a new folder to copy the file into. Complete copying the file by clicking on Copy here.

To copy a selected file, select Copy to..., then confirm copying the file by clicking on "copy here".

Move to...

To move the selected file from its current folder location to a different location, select Move to... . This opens a window, giving you the option to either select an existing folder or create a new folder to move the file to. Complete the action by clicking on Move here.

To move a selected file, select Move to..., then confirm copying the file by clicking on "move here".

Send securely To securely send a file to a selected email contact, select Send securely. Refer to our article on enhancing secure collaboration for more details.

To delete your selected file, select Delete. This opens a window, prompting you to confirm deletion by clicking on Delete Item. The file is now deleted from SecureSafe. For more information on how to delete files from SecureSafe, please refer to our article on the topic.

Confirm the deletion of a selected item by clicking on "delete item".


Different file types and folders may offer various actions, so be aware of the differences.