Team Safe Settings: Configuring Your Team Safe to Your Needs

Learn how to configure the settings of your team safe to tailor it to your and your teams needs.

Team safes in SecureSafe by DSwiss enables secure collaboration by allowing users to collectively store and manage information in a shared digital vault. That makes it an ideal feature for businesses, organizations, or teams needing a secure platform for collaborative document storage and password management. For more information on the team safes feature in SecureSafe, please refer to our designated article on the subject.

To match your and your team's needs, your team safe allows for some configuration. To adjust the settings for your team safe, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe account.
  2. Access the dropdown menu for safes.

    Select the team safe you wish to configure from the dropdown menu for safes.
  3. From the now expanded dropdown menu, select an existing safe in the Team section.
  4. Once you have accessed the team safe you want to adjust settings for, simply choose Settings from the sidebar menu on the left.

    Within the Settings menu, choose the specific setting you would like to adjust or review for your team safe.
  5. Within the Settings menu, choose the specific setting you would like to adjust or review. By default, the Profile and subscription setting will be displayed. Below, you will find an overview of each setting for your reference.



Profile and subscription (default)

This section provides key information about the current team safe. The Profile and subscription feature displays the following details:

  • Current number of team members in the safe compared to the maximum number allowed under the current subscription.

  • Expiry date of the current subscription.

  • Available storage space compared to the total storage capacity allowed under the current subscription.

Rename This section allows you to update the name of your team safe. Simply enter the new name in the designated New name field and click on the Rename button to make the change. 

To rename your team safe, enter the new name in the designated field and confirm by clicking on "Rename".
Upgrade / Renew

To upgrade or renew your team safe subscription, simply follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Review your current subscription details on the screen displayed.

  2. Choose the currency that best suits your needs. Options include U.S. Dollar (USD), Swiss Franc (CHF), or Euro (EUR).

    5. Team Safe Settings_Upgrade Subscription

  3. Select the desired number of members you would like to include in your subscription.

  4. Choose the duration of your subscription. Opting for a longer duration offers greater value for your investment.

  5. If you have a discount voucher code, simply enter it in the designated Voucher field. This will automatically apply the discount to the subscription options that are shown.

  6. Proceed by clicking on the Continue button.


This feature allows the team safe owner to set the frequency of notifications they receive and update the default email address in their contact information. To adjust team safe notification settings, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the frequency of notifications that suits your preferences from the Notification frequency dropdown menu. Options include Never, Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  2. Ensure that your email address is accurate in the designated Email address field.

  3. If your email address needs to be updated, simply click on the Edit button next to the Email address field. This will allow you to easily modify your default contact information. Refer to our overview on contact settings for more information.
    Personalize the notification frequency at which you would like to be notified about changes in your team safe.

Delete To delete your team safe, follow these steps:
  1. Enter your password in the designated Password field as a security measure to ensure that only the owner of the team safe can proceed with deleting it.

  2. Proceed by clicking on the Delete Team Safe button.

    Deleting a team safe cannot be undone. Only proceed if you are certain about the desired deletion.

Caution: This action cannot be undone, so please make sure you are absolutely certain before clicking on the Delete Team Safe button.