Managing Team Safes: Improve Secure Collaboration Among Team Members

Explore team safes: A SecureSafe feature allowing users to improve their collaboration among team members or colleagues.

Team safes are a feature within SecureSafe, created by DSwiss to enhance secure collaboration among team members or colleagues. This feature allows users to establish a shared digital vault where information can be collectively stored and managed by team members. It is an ideal solution for businesses, organizations, or teams seeking a secure and centralized platform for collaborative document storage and password management.

Team Safe Member vs. SecureSend vs. Shared File/Folder

Adding someone as a team safe member differs from sharing a file or folder, as well as from sending a file securely:

  • Sharing a file or folder via link: When you share a file or folder with a team safe member, a unique link is generated. This link serves as a pathway for those who already have permission to access the file. Depending on your settings, the file can be either viewed online or downloaded for offline use.

  • SecureSend: Use the SecureSend function to send encrypted files up to 2GB in size to a recipient of your choice. The file can be downloaded even without a SecureSafe account.

  • Team safe membership: Inviting someone to join a team safe provides long-term access to the entire safe, which includes passwords and files. This level of access is more comprehensive than granting permission on a file-by-file basis.

Explore the diverse range of features offered by SecureSafe team safes. Dive into the resources overview below to discover how to effectively manage your team safes on SecureSafe and use its features to their full potential.