Mail-In: Sending Files Directly to Your SecureSafe

This article will provide an overview on the Mail-In feature in your private SecureSafe and provide you with additional resources on its functionalities.

Mail-In is an email inbox integrated into your SecureSafe account. This enables external service providers or people to send emails to your SecureSafe email address. The email content and all attachments are saved directly into your private safe. 

Please note: The Mail-In feature is currently only available for Private Safes, but not for Team Safes.

If you are just getting started with Mail-In, you will first have to activate and configure Mail-In. Once you have successfully configured Mail-In in your SecureSafe account, learn here how to monitor your Mail-In inbox.

For more information on the Mail-In Interface, functionalities and features, please refer to the dedicated article on the subject.